In Their Words

Child being greeted by camp counselors

We are all grateful for the work and effort that the entire Dream Camp family has invested in our children. We all look forward to our reunion with Dream Camp.


My child is more outgoing, respectful, loving, caring, kind and smart academically because of Dream Camp. They are getting along well with others & OUT OF TROUBLE...and foreseeing a brighter future.


Thank you so much for keeping my grandchildren safe and active this summer.

Camp Parent since 2010

The staff at Dream Camp are top notch. Their communication is on point and I couldn’t think of a better place to have my son attend.


Dream Camp is always the best. Every summer they keep the same momentum since our first camp experience!


For 25 years, through amazing partnerships and a collaboration with ESF, Dream Camp has provided important opportunities for thousands of school-aged children, empowering them to find new experiences through education, fun, and enrichment activities. We are honored to support Hartford children and their families through Dream Camp’s important mission.

Joanne Berger-Sweeney
Trinity College President

You have no idea of how much you are changing families, changing children, and changing communities. It has only been 25 years, and we have 25 more years to go at least. The growth of this program will only change this city, this region, and this state for the better.

Paul Mounds Jr.
ESF Dream Camp, Trinity College Class of 2007, ESF Team Member 2004-2007
Chief of Staff to Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont

I’ve learned how to have better sportsmanship for the sports that I play. I really like the sports here, especially when you get sweaty and hot and can go swim after.

Trinity Camper

I like Dream Camp so much because you can express friendships here and you can play different sports and play fun games and make new connections with people. That’s what I love most about Dream Camp and why I come here every year.

Trinity Camper

We started Dream Camp because of our strong belief of the relationship between education and opportunity. If you give children access to an outstanding education, it opens up new vistas for them. It is our sincere hope that the Dream Campers continue to take advantage of the opportunities that Dream Camp at Trinity College offers them.

Paul Raether
Dream Camp Trinity

We're really proud of how the Dream Camp team responded to summer camp this year amidst the pandemic. Things ran very smoothly. We're pretty impressed! We appreciate ALL OF YOU. With much thanks!


Thank you for the experience that you all have provided my children. We appreciate this program and the staff as well as the volunteers! You guys are really making a difference in the lives of so many children and their families, and I just wanted to let you know that it is extremely appreciated! Myself and my family are very grateful!


Dream Camp is heaven sent, it’s a great program and my son LOVES it. Continue to keep up the great job that y’all do. Dream Camp is so good for kids to have something positive to do in the summer time and to keep our kids off the streets. I’m so grateful for this program.


What I like most is the positivity of the programs and how the kids root for each other instead of tearing each other down. I feel it teaches unity, discipline, respect, positive messages and builds new friendships. Great kids and awesome teachers.


The staff are so aware of the children’s strengths and abilities. They take their time with the children and are very courteous to the parents. My child’s self-esteem has been uplifted, there has been an improvement in grades, being able to communicate with others better, and not afraid to try something new.


The most positive change that I have seen in my children is that they are aware of children from different neighborhoods, with different experiences. I feel as if Dream Camp allows them to experience the way the real-world works.


The entire staff and counselors did a phenomenal job with our little ones during camp this summer - it's most certainly appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the genuine love, care, and support. Y'all are family. 


This workshop is very interesting and helpful, not just for the students, but the parents as well. So thanks for holding this workshop.

Penn Common Cents Program participant

Thanks again for putting these workshops together, our children need it. My son always learns something and enjoys it. Thanks for all YOU and the CREW do at Dream Camp!